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HoriSun Hospice seeks Clinical Manager (Full-Time)

HoriSun Hospice is currently seeking a full-time Clinical Manager. This position will assist the Director of Clinical Services in the coordination of end-of-life care and hospice services to patients in their home or community setting. This includes providing coordination of care, admissions facilitation, clinical support, after hours call, and/or other skilled nursing expertise with end-of-life care. Interested candidates may apply online at our Careers Page or email a resume to info@horisunhospice.com. Please call 402-484-6444 with any questions.

Our HoriSun Team

HoriSun Hospice staff and volunteers have the training and expertise to guide you through the entire information gathering process.  We will discuss all of your care options and help you determine the right care for you and your family.  When you call HoriSun Hospice, you will be encouraged to ask the questions that you may have been afraid to ask.