HoriSun Hospice offers primary caregivers and family members continuous emotional support after the loss of a loved one. Moving through the bereavement process is one of the most difficult experiences that we encounter throughout life. HoriSun Hospice's bereavement services are here for you and your family, providing compassionate and respectful support throughout the grieving process and related challenges.

Support Begins Before a Loss

At HoriSun Hospice, we believe bereavement begins when learning of a loved one's terminal diagnosis. We offer:

  • Individual support and counseling for patient, family members, and primary caregivers
  • Family counseling
  • Bereavement support groups
  • Educational resources
  • Periodic correspondence

The primary caregiver will receive periodic correspondence during the first year after their loss on topics, such as:

  • What to expect after a loss
  • After caregiving ends
  • Stages of grief
  • Coping during special occasions
  • Finding hope and meaning


For more information or to access HoriSun Hospice's bereavement services, contact our bereavement coordinator, Sara Yates at or 402-484-6444.