Pediatric and Perinatal Hospice

Perinatal and Pediatric Hospice Care

HoriSun Hospice is dedicated to providing access to hospice care for children and their families, including children who are not yet born.

Perinatal Hospice is an emerging specialty in healthcare. It is not a physical place, but a model of care; an extra layer of support that can easily be incorporated into standard pregnancy and birth care when a poor prognosis condition has been diagnosed prior to birth. It is an interdisciplinary approach to providing a continuum of support for parents from the moment of prenatal diagnosis, through the pregnancy, during and after the birth of their baby, and during the period of bereavement.

Pediatric Hospice is both a philosophy and an organized method for delivering competent, compassionate, and consistent care to children with chronic, complex and/or life-threatening conditions, as well as their families. It is planned and delivered through the collaborative efforts of an interdisciplinary team with the child, family, and caregiver(s) at its center. 

Why Choose Hospice?

Choosing to put your child in hospice care is not a sign of giving up hope. Hospice is a supportive home based service, committed to pain and symptom management for individuals with a life-limiting illness. Hospice focuses on treating the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) and not just the disease. Referrals to hospice may come from physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, or family members themselves. Care is provided wherever a patient and their family call home, whether a private residence or a home-like setting such as an assisted living or skilled nursing community.

Meet Dr. Bleicher

Our pediatric hospice physician Stacie Bleicher, MD, FAAP, is here to support our pediatric patients as well as their family unit. Dr. Stacie Bleicher received her MD at the University of Iowa. She completed her Pediatric Training at the University Hospital and Clinic in Iowa City, IA. In 1983 she relocated to Lincoln, NE where she worked in general pediatric practice. Early on in her practice  she became involved in the evaluation and caring for abused children. Since 1997, Dr. Bleicher has evaluated children for sexual and other forms of abuse through the Lincoln Child Advocacy Center and is currently its medical director. She has also participated in the Nebraska Chapter and national American Academy of Pediatrics as well as a variety of community coalitions related to child health. Additionally, she has served on multiple governor-appointed committees related to child health. She has participated in the care of multiple hospice patients.


Most insurance carriers fully reimburse perinatal and pediatric hospice services. HoriSun Hospice is committed to meeting the needs of any hospice patient regardless of his or her ability to pay. Additionally, some insurance carriers allow for curative treatment while a patient is receiving hospice. Our staff is available to answer any service coverage questions at any time.