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General Information about Hospice Volunteers

The 400,000 hospice volunteers at work in hospice throughout the U.S. are an essential part of the hospice philosophy of care which recognizes that dying is not just a medical event but a personal one as well.  These volunteers are important members of the interdisciplinary team.  So important, in fact, federal law requires that at least 5% of patient care hours be provided by volunteers.  At HoriSun Hospice, we have a special appreciation for those who give of themselves by serving as hospice volunteers.  They are indispensable to the patients and families we serve, and are key members of our hospice care team.  Whether it's visiting patients, running errands for families, helping out in the office, or sharing a special talent, the assistance of a volunteer enhances the services provided by the medical and psychosocial members of the team.


HoriSun Hospice volunteers are thoroughly trained in the goals and philosophy of hospice care, as well as the care and comfort of the hospice patient.  Training for patient care volunteers addresses such topics as:

  • Providing comfort and support to patients and families
  • Communication skills
  • Understanding emotional and spiritual needs of patients at the end of life
  • Concepts of death and dying
  • Grief and bereavement
  • The mission and history of hospice
  • Confidentiality and HIPAA
  • Overall knowledge of the hospice interdisciplinary team

Making a Difference

HoriSun Hospice volunteers assist patients and their families in a variety of ways, including:

  • Visiting with and keeping patients company
  • Help with errands/shopping
  • Emotional support
  • Therapeutic pet visits
  • Therapeutic music visits
  • Respite for the primary caregiver
  • Providing grief and bereavement support

Some of the Important Personal Qualities of Hospice Volunteers

  • A sense of accomplishment through providing meaningful, compassionate service
  • Personal, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Positive contribution to community
  • Greater appreciation for life
  • Affiliation with a dynamic organization

"People often ask me why I volunteer.  I tell them that I get something from it each day.  I become more grateful.  I add to my understanding of life. " - Linda Pickering

For more information on volunteer opportunities and upcoming trainings, please call our our Volunteer Coordinator, Nina at 402-484-6444.