Hospice Team Roles

Hospice Team Roles

Executive Director 

Responsible to strategically direct the organization toward growth and toward meeting patient/family and community needs, while directing all operations of business needs.

Primary Physician

The patient's private physician who retains responsibility for patient care.

Medical Director

The Medical Director is in charge of overall management of patients by the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team.  He/She oversees the appropriateness for referral of each patient and serves as a consultant to the Team and the local physicians on matters of palliative care.

Clinical Director

Assures the coordination and management of the daily workload of staff providing direct patient care. 

RN Case Manager

The RN Case Manager is responsible for each patient.  This means that they will be responsible for designing the nursing care plan, and oversees that continuity of patient care is followed.


Provides care services in patients' homes including comfort measures, teaching, and assisting with activities of daily living.

Volunteer Coordinator

Is in charge of recruitment, training and continued supervision of Hospice Volunteers.  She makes appropriate placements for the many volunteer tasks. 

Spiritual Care Coordinator

Will provide spiritual support to any patient who desires it, or will assist in working with the local clergy to assist them in meeting needs.

Social Worker

Is involved early to assist in home planning, equipment, financial resources, sorts out insurance and most importantly serves as a counselor working in a one-on-one or group basis to help families work together in stressful times.


The pharmacist constantly monitors the medication program of the patient and can answer questions about medicines.


Trained volunteers are like extra neighbors who visit.  The patient and family determine if they would like a volunteer to visit, how often the volunteers will visit, and how long the visits will be.  The volunteers are members of the Hospice Team.

Hospice Aide

A Hospice Aide may come regularly to assist in routine personal cares, i.e. bathing, washing hair, shaving skin, teeth care, changing linens, light housekeeping and patient positioning.

Bereavement Coordinator

The Bereavement Coordinator helps grieving family members and is also a source of support in the months after the death.

Massage Therapist

Provides massage therapy for musle relaxation and comfort.