Why HoriSun Hospice?

Why Choose HoriSun Hospice?

HoriSun Hospice consists of a team of committed and specially trained  healthcare professionals providing expertise on living life to the fullest with dignity and comfort.  The HoriSun Hospice team collaborates and implements a plan that provides the optimum in end of life services - HoriSun Hospice listens and responds.

Our Full-Time Medical Director, Bob J. Bleicher, MD, is available to see and evaluate patients to ensure that their medical needs are being met, including home/facility visits if desired.
Our ability to respond to the needs of those we serve, our increased communication, and overall delivery of services clearly sets us apart from other hospice services.

Frequency of hospice visits are established and based on the clinical and psychosocial needs of those we serve.  Visits may increase or decrease based on the needs of the patient and caregivers.

Medicare Hospice Compare

Medicare has put together a useful tool called Hospice Compare that gathers information about hospice agencies in your area. HoriSun Hospice frequently scores above average on a national level in many areas. To view data on HoriSun Hospice, click here.

To compare any hospice agency in your area, visit medicare.gov/hospicecompare.

Benefits for Patient and Family

  • Informational meetings and resources are available in assisting with making well educated decisions
  • Medical equipment, supplies and medications related to the life-limiting illness.
  • Consistent staffing to increase reliability, recognition and clinical competence
  • Support and counseling to assist with coping and handling the many issues related to a life limiting illness and loss
  • Volunteer services to provide companionship, intermittent family relief and increased patient socialization
  • Ongoing bereavement support after death for a minimum of 13 months
  • Superb pain and symptom management

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

  • Immediate response time regarding referrals, questions or concerns
  • Admissions with 1-3 hours of referral after family and physicians have provided necessary approval
  • Assistance with appropriate and timely hospital discharge planning, placement, and/or transfers as needed
  • 24 hour pharmacy coverage, nursing availability and other related services as needed to maintain a safe and comfortable setting for the patient and family
  • Access to HoriSun Hospice team for expertise and resources for educational and in-service needs
  • Pain and symptom management resources, education and consultation

Benefits to the Attending Physician

  • HoriSun Hospice treats the Primary Physician as a priority and an active participant in developing and implementing the patient plan of care.
  • Immediate response and increased communication with physician as needed and/or requested
  • Active ongoing involvement regarding patient needs and/or changes in condition
  • Admission to HoriSun Hospice reduces likelihood of patient crisis particularly at night and weekends reducing inappropriate hospital admissions and unnecessary physician interruptions
  • Decreased physician office paperwork for orders if desired

Questions to ask when choosing if hospice is right for you or your loved one

  • What services will be provided to me or my loved one?
  • How soon will services start?
  • What type of support will family members and caregivers receive?
  • Do you include the patient and their family members in decisions regarding their care?
  • How often can I expect visits from hospice staff?
  • What procedures are in place to handle emergencies? Are caregivers or hospice staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
  • How will hospice keep me or my loved one comfortable and free of pain?
  • What will happen if care cannot be managed at home?
  • Will there be any out-of-pocket expenses?
  • How long have you been serving the community?

 What others have to say

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